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Rene vs DrumDokta vs Assblaster vs Unkle vs pokey.synth vs Timetable

Gate outs from Rene into DrumDokta. DrumDokta is also feed gates from Timetable and SQR output of Envelator which was triggered by the Timetable. Quantized output of Rene into Wiard Unkle multed with stackcable into Filter CV in of assblaster. Assblaster’s noise gate is opened by the timetable. Timetable’s CV1 output into pokey.synth. Getting the […]

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Noiz 4 Toyz: Toys for tots fundraiser Dec 3

I’m playing a benefit for Toys for Tots this weekend at Dorky’s Arcade (754 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402) kind of excited to try and do more beat based stuff. Its really been coming together for me the more I play with the timetable and the drumdokta. Should be a great night for a good […]

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