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Live at Metronome Coffee

Recordings of live sets at Metronome Coffee from last night. Thanks for John for taking the great pics! Levels were a bit off, it clips more than I would prefer. I’m playing with a DinSync.info Drum Dokta prototype call Dr Protomonger and a Nanoloop 1.3 cart in my gameboy. I had decided to do an […]

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PAX 2010

Pax was pretty interesting. I was asked by Gabe who runs CrunchyCo a local chip music label and musician to speak on a panel about chipmusic. The panel was really interesting and seemed to go over well. As a bonus i was sitting next to Pete Berkman from Anamanaguchi who may be one of the […]

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G1 and shitwave: a match made in heaven?

First off a confession. Shiftwave as a name was totally lifted from the blog of the creator of shitwave. You find the software in the above links. Shitwave is an interesting program. Its best described as making a gameboy sound harsh. Which is no easy feat considering how it sounds to start with. The idea […]

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