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Rene vs DrumDokta vs Assblaster vs Unkle vs pokey.synth vs Timetable

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Gate outs from Rene into DrumDokta. DrumDokta is also feed gates from Timetable and SQR output of Envelator which was triggered by the Timetable. Quantized output of Rene into Wiard Unkle multed with stackcable into Filter CV in of assblaster. Assblaster’s noise gate is opened by the timetable. […]

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Hello Yellow

Eurorack playing nicely with my new metasonix kv100 “the assblaster”. However the assblaster is not playing nicely with the eurorack. I’m still figuring out the fiddly bits of the assblaster. It takes a bit of playing with to really take advantage of its awesomeness. And its fiddly, its not something that you just turn on […]

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nanoblasting: nanovoice vs. metasonix assblaster

Just picked up a metasonix KV100 (aka the assblaster) an amazing tube based multi FX box. Its definitely a bird of a different color and not just metasonix yellow. As part of my oh wow this box is awesome rush i decided to run nanovoice through it and tweak the hell out of it. [Audio […]

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