So Mixlr is pretty cool

I like broadcasting audio while I’m playing with my modular, recording and playing for people at the same time.  I was using Ustream which while great for what it does wasn’t really optimal for me.  I didn’t really care about the video.  Watching someone patch is kind of boring and I don’t have a good place to put the webcam.   The thing I did like is that it would record things and then you could export them to youtube. So I ended up with a lot of videos like this.  Also I was really self concious about accidentally picking my nose and ending up on America’s Funniest Home Synthesis.

and this

I really liked the point of view of the 2nd one but as I moved things around in the studio I was no longer able to put the webcam where I had it. This was a bit of bother but no big deal, the thing I really didn’t like was that the audio quality wasn’t that great. Ustream isn’t exactly made for what I was doing, even though it was super easy to do it this way.  If i cared about this I think investing in a better webcam would be a good idea, I’m just using one we had laying about the house. Then some I noticed some friends on facebook using Mixlr I decided to give it a try and I like it a lot.  Super easy just a program you download and run on your computer and a mixlr homepage you can post audio to with some stats and a chat room.

Mixlr has a couple thing going on that I really like.

  • The super easy to use interface. Set up all your inputs and get your levels set and then you are good to go.
  • Second is the fact the mixlr will record what you’re broadcasting and then upload it onto a showreel to share with people. With the last update it now will store reels so that you can publish them later.
  • Easy integration with soundcloud.  Press a button and your showreel is uploaded to your linked soundcloud, dropbox, mixcloud, or audioboo account.
  • Easy social media sharing.  From the app you can post on Twitter and facebook that you’ve gone live.
  • WordPress plugin as you can see below.

[mixlr url=””]

This is a showreel for something I did earlier today.  Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a player you can post on WordPress but since I can just export it to soundcloud its not a big deal.  Its a drone with 3 sine waves and three ring modulators.

It is possible to download from your showreel with a premium membership.  I’m also not sure how much content you can hold on your showreel before its filled.  A few hours of drones and it should be pretty easy to figure it out.  The paid version also offers pro audio, not sure what they mean by this.  These aren’t very large concerns so over all i’m really liking it so far.

Seems like a great way to share music as you’re making it with people all over the world.

Patching while watching a movie is pretty fun

Occasionally it sounded good as well.  I watched a CG transformers movie while i patched up a storm.  I was also playing with some idea i had with the Malekko Noisering.  The Clock in jack with act on the main clock with positive voltage speeding it up and negative slowing it down so i was occasionally feeding it negative voltage so that everything would slow way down.  Its a pretty fun trick and super easy.  Invert an envelope and plug it into the jack, trigger the envelope to slow everything down.

I like this trick a lot as slowing things down is always better than speeding up. It tends to add some nice space to your sounds.

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modular synth stuff eh?
I’m big on plugging in patch cables.



New tubes for the assblaster or How my KV100 got its groove back

Just kidding.  I don’t grove, ever.

At the last PNW synthfest I was hooked up to a universal power supply that was not supply enough power for my setup.  My assblaster was hit with rolling blackouts resulting in a dead filter tube when i got home.  I’d suspected that the rest of the tubes had fared no better but finally got around to replacing them this weekend.

Tubes we don't need no stinking tubes.

Other than the fact that i bought the wrong tube for the VCO, I’d need to change a solder bridge to make the one i bought work.   But that’s what i get for ordering vacuum tubes during my lunch break at work.

The biggest change i’ve noticed with the new tubes is the pulsar.  Its a lot louder and more noticeable.  The filter feels different.  Not better or worse but different.  I have a little more control over the filter resonance before it goes into crazy self oscillation .  But that’s about it.  Over all it was definitely a well spent 18 dollars.

I was playing around with the oscillator in the asslblaster seeing how well i could get it track and recorded this.   Just mucking about with the VCO CV in and Fiter Freq CV in.  The answer was not very well.  It tracks but I’m sure with how much precision and I’m not sure I really care.

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Growth of a modular: Or how I learned to take a sack lunch to work every day.

At first I had an idea. And the module planner that thing is pretty awesome for figuring out what you can fit. Not so awesome for figuring out what does what and what you need but awesome non the less/

Its like a modular only cheaper!

The reality turned out to be much different than what i had planned. But that was ok. My first plan was kind silly really I was trying to fit stuff into the case rather than thinking about what I would use and how it would work.

Helicopter one is on the case.

But I kept going and soon there was this. Getting more functionality which is good the more utility you have the more you can do.

Lego jeep to helicopter one. You're right its nice here.

We got more stuff and played outside in the grass. The sunlight was ever so warm.

Suntan lotion? Bitch please. I'm a modular synth.

Eventually the case was full and I had to get myself a little friend. The friend being a tip top happy endings kit jammed into an Ace hardware toolbox. This worked better than I had imagined.

Lego jeep to helicopter one. Where'd you go?

Eventually even with a little friend I didn’t have space for everything. I had outgrew my case and toolbox so I was on the hunt for something larger.

Helocopter one to Lego jeep. All the parking is taken what the hell.

Which brings me to the present and the monster baser. This was definitely something larger. The wide format was also a change forcing me to rethink how i laid things out which in turn helped my patching process and how I was thinking about my modular. Also made me appreciate i bought what at the time seemed like to many 36 inch cables but now isn’t enough of them.

Helicopter one to Lego jeep. Plenty of room here. Its beautiful.

Its been a fun time so far. Expensive and I sold a few things only to buy them back a few months later, but that’s life. I’m not sure where I am going to go with this next. I still have the toolbox to fill before i really need to start thinking about it anyway.