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Rene vs DrumDokta vs Assblaster vs Unkle vs pokey.synth vs Timetable

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Gate outs from Rene into DrumDokta. DrumDokta is also feed gates from Timetable and SQR output of Envelator which was triggered by the Timetable. Quantized output of Rene into Wiard Unkle multed with stackcable into Filter CV in of assblaster. Assblaster’s noise gate is opened by the timetable. […]

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Pokey.synth as a trigger generator

>_< Playing with some of the interesting things the AnlogBytes pokey.synth module can do. The limitations of the Pokey are wonderfully used. If you turn it down far enough you get these great clicks depending on the waveform. This video explains it very well at around 4 minutes in. I was using them as triggers […]

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Assblaster loves the Drum Dokta

Metasonix’s KV100 “The Assblaster” vs. dinsync.info’s Drum Dokta “Dr Protomonger” [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Running some dr protomonger through the assblaster with some other stuff going on in the background. Pokey.synth is just kind of spewing nonsense. Actually all the oscillators are doing that. Actually the track is doing that.

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