Nord G1 from Shiftwave

Jamming with my Nord G1, Nanoloop, and a KP3

So i thought i published but i guess i saved it as a draft about umm.. a year ago. So yah.
Old news is better than no news eh?

So the idea was solid. Use my Nord G1 as routing mixer and FX box with my KP3. I whipped up some stuff in nanoloop to run through it. All four of the patches have a mixer built into it with the idea being that i would be able to route audio when i want to into the KP3. I could have easily done this with my mixer’s sends but it was easier to control with the nord. More fun as well.

I have one knob controlling the output 1/2 which was audio out for the nord. Then a second knob was output 3/4 which was going into the KP3. The idea behind the patch was being able to use the KP3 for live looping. The loops were good for two reasons. Firstly i could have up to 4 loops going at once, that let me layer everything, and editing the loops live is a snap. The second reason for the looping was for when i switched patches on the Nord. When ever you switch patches on a Nord G1 it takes it a second to look at the DSP used and reconfigure the voices in the patch. During this second its quiet, which is not something i wanted to do.

Over all it went really well. The filters on the nord worked really well with what i was doing. The big thing was that I did have a hard time remembering what does what. When i had ran through my practice sets i had the computer screen open to the Nord editor so that i could see what knob was mapped to where.

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Shiftwave at Metronome Coffee 05-14-11


Show tommorrow at 8:30.

Got a flyer made a full week ahead of the show. We may be the worst chiptune promoters ever…
Oh wait, that one guy in NYC..

Ok 2nd worst.

I’ve been working on a set using my new modular and nanovoice. I’m going to have the usual large effects setup KP3, a delay, SP404, but also adding the modular for more signal processing fun. We’ll see how well i can do it when i’m not in my basement. So far I’ve been pretty happy mucking about in my basement but doing it all live on the fly in front of people will be a little different.

I’ve been recording a bunch of foreign language stuff into my SP404 for layering at the show. I hooked it up to my cable box and ended up watching the Home Shopping Network with heavy feedback and delay. It was amazing! I have some of that loaded on the sampler as well. So if it goes totally wrong i’ll be able to fall back on that.

Shiftwave was fun!

Look at those pretty cables

A couple of months of planning came to fruition last weekend.  I had a great time and am so glad its all over.  Seeing everyone was really cool and listening to everyone’s set was a lot of fun.  Thanks to Golden Master for the photo!

You can download mine here

or listen here

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I was running nanoloop into my Nord G1.   Then I had several patches that would let me do some sonic mangling and also send audio to my KP3 or the mixer which let me do quite a bit of live sampling.  I had everything midi synced so that any loops would line up.

I was a pretty good set up for the most part.  Its extremely fun to play with.  The downsides were two fold.  First my naming structure sucks every patch was either shftwv, sharftwav, shftwv4, etc etc.. which made it really difficult to remember what patch did what.  The other thing I ran into was that I had been practicing my set in front of my computer with the patch editor open so I could just look and know what knob did what.  Playing live with just the G1 I realized quickly that I was rather vague on what did what without looking.  Whoopsie!!

Other than those two little things I thought it went pretty well.  Since on all the G1 patches I had two knobs for the out to the KP3 and from the G1 to the mixer I had a lot of flexibility in how it all worked volume wise. There were a couple of huge spikes from when I was a bit to slow to adjust the levels.

One of the things that really worked out was that I could switch patches and have the KP3 playing loops.  One downside of the Nord Modular is that when ever you change patches it takes it a second to figure out the assigned voices for the patch, its not a huge thing but I don’t watch the sound to drop out like that.  As soon as I get my studio set up again I’m planning on playing with this setup some more and working on a longer more polished live set.

Shiftwave date Announced June 26th Seattle

Oh yah flyer!

So we finally have a date from the Vera project. Line up looks nice except for that infradead feller

Putting together a set with nanoloop, Korg ER-1, and Nord G1 keyboard. ER-1 will be master midi clock and some drums. Nord will be some FX noises, drum and melody sequencers. Been setting it up and playing with it the last couple of days. Its a pretty compact easy and powerful set up.

And most importantly the er-1 and the nord are both red